Curriculum Features


Designed according to the Education Bureau’s guidelines, our curriculum incorporates the activity approach and the collaborative learning approach to enable children to learn through play and gain a fun, enjoyable learning experience. The learning content is designed to meet children’s abilities, interests and needs at different ages. The medium of instruction is mainly Chinese, with English or Putonghua adopted as the language of instruction for relevant courses, to help children lay a solid foundation for developing their biliterate and trilingual skills.

Children’s Development

-Physical development

To enhance the development of gross motor and fine motor skills, and to foster good hygiene habits and self-care skills.

-Emotional and social skill development

To nurture a positive self-image, and to develop a sense of responsibility, social morality, social skills, self-management skills and the ability to express feelings.

-Aesthetic and cultural development

To stimulate creativity and abilities to appreciate various forms of beauty, the local culture and other cultures.

-Cognitive development

To facilitate children’s development of divergent thinking, including logical thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity. To develop their language abilities of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.